Standardising OTC derivatives

In an increasingly regulated trading environment, OTCX helps automate and make more transparent the relationship between dealers and clients.

Smart Trade Capture

At our core are our natural language and compliance engines that capture structured trade information.


Real-time, browser-based access delivered securely by private cloud providing modular work flow tools built on infinitely scalable core technology.


Satisfy evolving regulatory requirements on evidenced best execution and structured audit trails for complex and non standardised OTC derivative trades.

Operational Risk

By streamlining existing workflows, OTCX reduces errors and ensures regulatory compliance.


Productivity gains and operational risk mitigation allow both clients and dealers to invest more time on their own value proposition.

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Calling all #ALM and #LDI managers.

Are you trading packages of hashtag#bonds, hashtag#zerocoupon, hashtag#par,  hashtag#inflation and hashtag#crosscurrencyhashtag#swaps to hedge your long term hashtag#liabilities? Do you find the process over email, chat or phone cumbersome?   If you are looking to gain hashtag#synthetic exposure

Derivatives Workflow in 2020: How to Balance Capital Efficiency and Uncertainty

Derivatives Workflow in 2020: How to Balance Capital Efficiency and Uncertainty

An excellent article from Philip Simons and Ricky Maloney at #eurex that discusses “How to balance Capital and Efficiency and Uncertainty” in the context of Derivatives Workflow. There is very

OTCX quoted in article

OTCX quoted in article

OTCX appeared in a article last week highlighting the differences between trading on a venue and bilateral trading via a structured communication format such as that provided by